What to do in current situation ?

In Global market uncertainties no one is able to give correct advise,Some big analysts are advising to stay away from the market and some are advising to do bottom fishing.
Main problem with human tendency is that if market is going up then we will wait for market to correct and when market corrects then we affraid and stay away from the market or endup buying at higher price.By going through the history of market’s  ups and downs, It will definatly comeout from its worst and give handsome returns in long term.I have started averaging my holding which are down more than 10% from my buying price in small quantities 5-10 shares on every dip.
Also started accumulating some good shares like..
Larsen and Turbo
State Bank of India
Axis Bank
Yes Bank
Sun Pharma
If anyone wants to add,please do your analysis and buy in small quantity as we are not sure from where market will start up trend and how long you have to hold.