Exide Industries—CMP——224

Exide has been one of the India’s most reliable brands for last six decades.

Company is almost debt free

Exide today is india’s largest storage battery company 

Product Range:

Exide sells the widest range of storage batteries in the world from 2.5Ah to 20,600Ah capacity covering Industrial Batteries, Automotive Batteries, solar batteries, inverter batteries, 

 and Sub Marine Batteries

Technical Collaboration:

Collaborations with Shin Kobe and Furukuwa of Japan, Oldham of UK and East Penn Manufacturing of US give Exide a global dimension in manufacturing capability.

Global Presence:

Global footprint in 39 countries

Subsidiaries in 6 countries

Distributors present in 37 countries. Exide also has manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka.

Exide had reported 26% year on year growth and 10% sequential growth in net profit for the first quarter of 2016-17

Exide had reported 15% year on year growth in profit before tax in the second quarter of 2016-17

Exide had reported 9% YOY growth in net profit in the third quarter of 2016-17. 

Company has been continuously announcing bonus, so far it has announced bonus 8 times from 1965. The last bonus that Exide Industries had announced was in 2003 in the ratio of 1:1.

PAT of the company is expected to grow at a CGAR of 14% over next 3 years. This can be considered as a low risk stock for medium to long term.

This stock was suggested as muhurat trading pick on 30th October 2016 @197