Market ends at lowest level in 2015. I would consider this as an opportunity to invest in following fundamentally good stocks.

Yes Bank – CMP 821

Fluidomat –CMP 265

Capital First – CMP 390

Market Correction:

Market has corrected last week but please don’t be panic. Correction in stock market is normal & is part of stock market cycles, unless stock prices are significantly continuously falling down.

Most of the time investors fear of losing money often make poorly planned decisions. If you confront any correction please review your portfolio and individual stocks performance. if your stocks are fundamentally strong but overall market is correcting then i don’t think one need to worry.

Also, please always ensure you invest in multiple stocks of different industries to mitigate industry based risks.

Always remember all investments involve risks but you can mitigate the risk by diversification. Please diversify your portfolio by investing in real estate, bonds, FDs and Mutual funds.